Environmental Policy

At Celtic Roots we believe in creating forever heirlooms with a sustainable and transparent practice.

From our use of natural materials, biodegradable packaging, recycled packaging and neutral CO2 emission shipping, we are 100% eco-friendly. 

Celtic Roots cares about our  world and in fact it underpins why we do what we do.

We endeavour to do our best to contribute in a positive way to this beautiful country. 

In a small way we contribute to the environment by:

  1. Recycling as much raw material and used materials as possible, this is a core principle as all our wood is left over from bog production. We never dig out any materials ever from the bog.
  2. The bogwood used is a waste material  ( post peat production) and left on the headlands of bogs to naturally decay over time.
  3. We  never remove bogwood from the bogs without the required permission, even though it has been discarded after peat production. We only take what we need and don’t stockpile sparse resources.
  4. We use natural beeswax to polish our sculptures.
  5. Our packaging consists of recycled paper and we have been using this material for the last 30 years.
  6. Our presentation boxes are cardboard and recyclable and our bespoke sculpture can be packaged in FSC  plywood made in their own workshop. We are happy to have  boxes returned to the studio to recycle afterwards. However, our boxes are great for using as storage for precious items and have wonderful stories where people have found great uses for them over time.
  7. We are accredited to eco standards with the Green Hospitality Awards.
  8. In our own office we recycle as many components and materials as possible.
  9. In the refurbishment of our studio we recycled all our old furniture and display units to minimise the waste to the environment. 
  10. We source materials as kind to the environment as possible.
  11. We use recycled materials in communication materials.
  12. Our packaging for dispatch purposes often incorporates reused boxes.
  13. Helen participates in local community life over the last 30 years, making it a better place to live and do business and is actively taking part in recycling programmes within the village.