Bog oak sculptures, jewellery and experiences – that tell native tales that lead us
– to this earth – to the ordinary – to a divine ordinariness

Looking for lost pieces of yourself?

Eibhlín, sculptress and feminine maker of Irish bog oak forms – not possessions – but earthly custodial reminders that have survived many millennia. Amongst a plethora of unconstrained sculptures Eibhlín also creates hermetic collections of jewellery whose ancestral vibrations can be felt when worn on the body. 

The archaic essence of each form – supports us in reviving our inner wisdom. These are indigenous reminders of our deep rooted, sinuous connection to this earth. All of Eibhlín’s reclaimed forms are ancient and blessed talismans with astonishing boldness and courage – soothsaying – of the mending of our lost connections and invoking our sense of custodianship.

Meeting the Bog Oak - The Dark Mother
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- Meeting the Bog Oak -
- The Dark Mother -

In Celtic mythology and folklore, the wisdom of darkness is time and time again revealed by powerful goddess figures. Their semblance is to bring awareness to our conscience so we can change through the transformative power of darkness – to lead through death into new life.

Meeting the dark bog oak is like encountering the dark mother itself, these bog pieces having been dragged under, thousands of years have been spent gasping for air whilst the lands continued to swallow them, the earth heaving and swelling under their bearing. They have now been re-birthed from their tomb – by Sculptress and feminine maker Eibhlín – who has brought their shapeliness to light again in a gorgeous fusion of archaic and modernity. She painstakingly hewed and molded their forms – never over contrived –  till the forms reemerged with a new found body, having inherited the ancestral tales of our clans and in their veins the rich intensity of chroma that is found in the iron stained bog lands.

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+ Home Kit

Create a Talisman through Eibhlín/Helen online tutoring – a knowing, noetic, and truly mythical object – that is believed to have protection against ill will, bestowing the wearer with intuition and a sense of re-connection to this earth.

Celtic Roots Online Digital Class
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The Celtic Roots Experience - Bog Oak Studio
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The Experience

*An in Person Experience

You will be taken to the ancient boglands from which Eibhlín/Helen sources her primitive woods – the presence of these lands will touch you and change you  – fierce, indigenous and seemingly desolate. The Experience continues at the Celtic Roots Studio where Eibhlín/Helen will guide you through the process of turning a 5600 year old piece of bog oak into a sculptural talisman – keeping its intuitive form.

These unique bog oak pieces have gone to meet their maker – Eibhlín – who shapes intuitive inherent and rooted forms, and is now launching a collection of rarity  – embracing the Dark Goddess as an act of sacrifice for the greater good – a restoration in our honouring of this earth.

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Each piece is individually crafted from this unique material in our workshop.


Each piece is individually crafted from this unique material in our workshop.


The wishstone story comes from an ancient tradition of tossing a stone three times while crossing a stone wall and making a wish.

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