Économusée Tour

Économusée Tour and Demonstration

This tour includes a welcome, a brief history of bogs and bogwood as a material, an explanation of processes from raw material through to finished pieces. There is also a "Have a go" opportunity for tour participants and an opportunity to browse in Gallery.

Please contact Helen Conneely for enquiries and to book tours:  087 2594232

Minimum charge of 60 euro per group - 10 people minimum, 6 euro each

Larger group rates on request.

Duration of visit: 1 hour

Available: Monday through Saturday by appointment.

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Wish Stone Class

It is possible for smaller group to work on individual pieces and to take these home with them.

These take place on thursday mornings. Minimum of 6 people required.

Prices start at 25 Euro per person.



Developed originally in Québec the key concept of an ÉCONOMUSÉE is that of an artisan craft business which has been selected because of it’s commitment to promoting and preserving quality and authenticity within handmade craft.

The artisan business owner makes a living by supplying contemporary products created according to traditional methods and techniques, as well as by offering visitors a patented cultural tourism experience.

Our ÉCONOMUSÉE working museum is open to viewing by the public and creates an awareness of the process of bog wood preservation and of the design process  through to the final bog wood piece you see for sale on our website and in our studio.

The international ÉCONOMUSÉE network includes members from Canada and Northern European countries made up of artisan businesses who strive to conserve and pass on traditional skills to future generations.

The Irish network spans from the midlands at the heart of the country across to the west, continuing north along the Atlantic coastline and on into Northern Ireland comprising many internationally recognised areas of culture and beauty.

 Nothing can match the precious nature of something so natural and ancient, so steeped in history as our pieces

Discover the history and beauty captured in the craft of carving bogwood - reclaimed from Irish bogs, where it has been hidden for over 4000 years and now beautifully transformed into individually sculptured pieces.

Celtic Roots Studio ÉCONOMUSÉE specialises in designing and making unique bogwood sculpture and gifts, the Meso range of jewellery and one-off commissions where the customer is completely involved in the design process with the designer. The craftsmanship is a celebration of our rich Irish heritage and inspired by the preserved natural beauty found in the surrounding landscape of the midlands.

Helen is very proud of the new tradition that is being created with this ancient bogwood. Our Irish heritage and culture is a significant influence in the design and crafting of the finished pieces. Helen has won many awards for both sculpture and jewellery. Pieces are frequently presented as awards and gifts, nationally and internationally.

Enjoy the opportunity to browse through Celtic Roots Studio boutique, showcasing the finest work in bogwood sculpture and products. Bring home a piece of history with you, or commission a unique gift created especially for someone dear to you.