About Us

The Celtic Roots Studio, situated in the craft village of Ballinahown, County

Westmeath, combines a workshop and gallery space with an interpretative centre

and display of historic artefacts made from bogwood. This natural material was

formed from trees that became engulfed in Irish bogs thousands of years ago and

preserved in the low oxygen atmosphere of the peat. Now, discarded bogwood is

reclaimed by Celtic Roots Studio and slowly dried out over two years before it is

carved and polished into contemporary sculpture and jewellery. The pieces are

designed by Helen Conneely, who also makes personalised jewellery engraved with a

message that connects the wearer with the 5,000 year history of the wood. Recently,

she has developed a range of small laser cut gift items, made from MDF cut-offs,

that reference the locality and give visitors an alternative to imported souvenirs. The

Celtic Roots Studio also sells the work of other craftspeople. The studio offers a

special engraving service, as well as classes on small-scale wood carving that give the

person a small piece to take home and an understanding what it takes to sand and

polish wood.