Baby Bittern - 35cm high X 10cm wide

The bittern is a rare and secretive bird, mostly seen at dusk. The solitary bird points its bill skywards to disguise itself among the reeds where it nests. This elegant form is carved in bog yew, the colours blending like the bittern hiding in the reeds. The base is carved from the roots of the yew tree, the bird itself from the trunk of the tree.

Drawing on the Irish landscape for their inspiration, the artists of the Celtic Roots Studio create sculptural pieces of contemporary beauty and ancient meaning, linking Ireland's present with the natural richness of it's distant past. From bog oak, yew and pine -all of it almost five millennia old -they handcraft elegant shapes and dramatic forms, the lines of landscape and its people.

Each piece is individually crafted from this unique material in our workshop. 

Bog yew.